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Dhanvanthri Nilayam
  • Ayurveda,
  • Hospital,
  • Treatment

Dhanvanthri Nilayam is Ayurvedic Vaidya Saala. Good Treatments done here for all diseases.

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Sree Jayavilas Chappadu Club
  • Madurai Non Veg Hotel

Sri Jayavilas Hotel is best Non Veg Hotel in Heart of Madurai City and is supposed to be the most aromatic and spiciest Chappattu Club in madurai. it is well known for using so many variety of spices which are used to make the fresh ground masala and used in the dishes. Jayavilas Chappattu Club is famous for the spicy non vegetarian dishes made with Ayirai Fish Kulambu , Mutton Chukka, Mutton Gravy, Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Sivakasi Chicken, crab, Chicken Egg Omlate and goat (mutton). People in madurai, use the combination of green chillies, dried red chillies and black popper (peppercorn) in such a way that the dishes are so spicy but at the same time very tasty.

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